Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ric Flair Vs. Jake Roberts (Mid-South - 11/24/85)

Match History:

Not much that I know about. Ric Flair was the perennial NWA World champ throughout the 80’s and he traveled from territory to defending the belt against all comers. Here he takes on the up and coming Jake the Snake Roberts in Mid-South.

The Match:

Jake's the clear fan favorite here. Before the match Flair makes fun of Jake’s trailor-park-trash hand-me-down outfit. What is this XPW? This is a NWA World title match goddamit, you gotta dress in style. Flair bends down to mock Jake’s ghetto pants he must’ve picked up from the Salvation Army's Wrestling gear donation box, when suddenly Jake DDT’s him! Ric Flair is out! And I mean OUT. This is all before the bell has sounded! Flair stayed on his back for a super long ass time, about 5 minutes, until he weakly and very gingerly rolls out. The sell job by Flair is just incredible. Flair’s obviously in no shape to wrestle so he says “I’m outta here baby” and makes for the dressing room. What a jype! The crowd is booing unmercifully. DUD

Wait! The ref says that Flair MUST defend the NWA World title. He gives him until the 20 count to return or else Jake is declared the winner! Huge pop for that. The ref starts to count and Flair barely makes it back in time.

Crowd’s hot now, chanting “DDT”. And with that move’s devastation already shown to the crowd, just one more DDT and Jake’s the new champ. Jake immediately goes for the DDT but Flair takes him down like it’s MMA. Flair scoots to the corner and begs for time. See just a few moments in and Robert’s has been established as a threat to winning the World title tonight. Man, Flair is the master. After a Flair flop, Jake goes for the DDT again but Flairs quickly drops to his belly. Jake works a facelock for a few 2 counts until Flair gets a ball-shot in and stuns him. Now Flair goes on the offense with his usual bag of tricks including a Low-Ki-lite foot stomp. Flairs works him over and hits the sleeper. Jake’s losing consciousness and he hasn’t even hit the bars yet!

Jake manages to get out but Flair's not done yet. Flair goes for his patented knee drop but Jake catches Flair’s knee in mid-move and clamps on his own Figure-Four leglock! Flair nearly gives up the World title by losing but then suddenly regaining consciousness right at 2.9 counts. Flair escapes and gets some near wins due to cheating then starts knocking Jake around with punches and chops. “DDT DDT DDT!” chant’s the Mid-South crowd. Flairs with more chops but suddenly Jake feel’s no pain! He even asks Flair to hit him with all he’s got. Now Jake starts in with the punches. It’s Drunken boxing, and Jake’s the Drunken master! Jake gets a sleeper, but Flair belly-to-back suplexes out. Flair goes top rope and of course gets slammed down. Jake hit a hits a running knee lift. He goes for another but Flair moves and Jake's knee hits the turnbuckle. Flair reverses a small package and uses the ropes for leverage to score the pin!

Flair is the man. He was the master at coming into a territory and putting the local guy over. Not satisfied by this shaky verdict, after the match Flair and Jake decide to have round 2. Then round 3. Then round 4, And so on until someone passes out from the alcohol. (17:43) ***3/4


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I have been loving your work since I stumbled upon it a few days ago, I was especially impressed by your 'Top 100 Matches of all time' section which was extremely impressive, I am sure you had to put in an awful lot of work to do it. I Just wanted to let you know that I have put a link to your blog on my little site which I hope you are okay with- it can be found here: (sorry bout the free promotion there, please feel free to delete my comment if this offends you) and let me know if you'd like the link taken off.



Floyd said...

Whoa I didn't realize anyone but me even red this blog. Thank you very much for your comments, and also for linking me to your webpage. This may give me the excuse to write more entries in this blog. :-P

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