Saturday, December 30, 2006

Floyd's Top 10 matches fo' 2006!!!

10. Akira Taue Vs. Naomichi Marufuji (NOAH - Tokyo Nippon Budokan Show – 3/5/06) – This was big man (and recent GHC World Champion) Akira Taue thumping on little Marufiji. Marifuji was on a roll so far in the year but he needed a big win over one of the established stars. While maybe not a blow-away match, this one had some awesome spots and Taue was extremely game in allowing Marufuji on offense rather than going the usual NOAH big-guy Vs. little-guy route.

Hey here’s da match! All hail youtube..


9. Kurt Angle Vs. The Undertaker (WWE– No Way Out – 2/19/06) - It was built up as a MMA “grappler” Vs. “striker” match and while imagining The Undertaker as a supreme-fighting-machine striker is pretty funny, the match exceeded ALL possible expectations for it. Undertaker was incredibly game here selling left and right and taking big bumps including a nasty looking top rope belly-to-belly torpedo driver that he almost died taking. And despite being a shadow of his former self, Angle is still awesome. Lots of counters and reversals here with Taker busting out his big moves and using a triangle-choke as a counter. Angle’s thirsty for blood as he works on the ankle and is going for the tap-out win like a rapid dog. (He even had a chance to retain by count-out but demanded the match to continue so he could submit the phenom) Whoever wins the match gets the Smackdown World title and a main event slot at Wrestlemania.


8. Takeshi Morishima & Takeshi Rikio Vs. KENTA & Naomichi Marufuji (NOAH - Summer Navigation 2006 - 7/16/06) – This was the David Vs. Goliath tag match where the two Jr. guys have to survive against the big dudes. Rikio and Morishma dominate portions of the match with the power of their fat but KENTA & Marufuji counter using their quickness and tag teams moves. KENTA and Takeshi Morisihma, two of the future stars for NOAH, especially want to beat the crap out of each other. For such a long match there is not too much of a slow down and the crowd is screaming at the end with all the near-falls and big moves.


7. Austin Aries & Roderick Strong Vs. The Briscoes (ROH – Unified – 8/12/06) – ROH had a tremendous run of tag team matches in 2006 proving that the art isn’t quite dead yet. (You reading this Vince?) Out of all the great tag matches this is probably my favorite with Strong & Aries defending the straps against ROH’s prodigal sons the Briscoes. The U.K. crowd was red-hot for the match and both teams hit on all cylinders with incredible timing and tag team moves. Lots of brain-killing finishers and near falls made this a match to remember for 2006.


6. Do Fixer (Dragon Kid, Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito) Vs. Blood Generation (Cima, Naruki Doi & Masato Yoshino) (ROH Supercard of Honor - 3/31/06) – While a very exciting match, I thought this was very overrated and I doubted it would make my final Top 10. But Dammit! Here we are and sadly I can’t deny it as it comes in at #6. :-( All six guys are from the Japanese-based Dragon’s Gate promotion and brought their exhibition match stateside for the ROH fans. The first half of the match was one of the good guy getting beat up with 6-man moves, but this was just a prelude to the quick-as-lightening finish where big spots were popping let and right with near-falls galore. This was like a TLC match, but without Ladder’s and stuff.


5. Edge Vs. Mic Foley (WWE Wrestlemania - Falls Count Anywhere match – 5/2/06) – Despite WWE having a less-than-steller year for wrestling, Wrestlemania still has an aura about it as the biggest show of the year, and this was the best show on the card by far. After having a great match against that useless turd Randy Orton in 04, Foley returned again and had a disappointing match against Carlito Cool. So here at Wrestlemania Foley seems determined to appease the salivating sicko fans who want to see him beaten and bloodied just one more time. He brings in the usual WWE diet-hardcore fair like fire, barbed-wire bats and thumbtacks! Thumbtacks by gawd! Edge is my pick for the best WWE Wrestler of the year and he gamely keeps up with Foley by taking some big bumps. Lita’s also here for a beating, perhaps fulfilling a contract stipulation for Matt Hardys return.. A typical Foley hardcore match but it always delivers and had some original stuff in it like a barbed-wired Mr. Sock and Foley outsmarting the Spear. The Flair/Foley I-Quit match may have been more brutal than this but this one was paced better and was more memorable on the bigger stage.


4. Bryan Danielson Vs. Roderick Strong (ROH – Supercard of Honor - 3/31/06) – Bryan Danielson always put out great defenses for his title, but it seems like he’s always one step ahead of the other guy and is controlling the match even when he’s losing, ala Ric Flair. Roderick Strong however, comes off as the Anti-American Dragon and gives the true sense that he CAN beat him for the title. It’s simply a matter of time. Danielson’s pasty white skin has a hard time against Strong’s hella-nasty Flair-chops, which loosen fans teeth fillings as they reverberate shockwaves throughout the arena. Also all those goddamn backbreakers can’t be good for his lower lumbar region. Another long match that may bore some fans with its long mat work and wear-down sequences. But if you get into it, it’s an incredible back-and-forth contest with an exciting finale. At the end Danielson almost seems to be buying time to get to another 60:00 minute draw and retain his title.


3. KENTA Vs. Naomichi Marufuji (NOAH – Autumn Navigation - 10/29/06) – A lot of people didn’t like this match and I think I’ve figured out why. NOAH fans are so accustomed to seeing big guys thump and chop each other around for the World title while the Jr. Heavyweights waste time in the mid-card. 2006 was supposed to be the year of KENTA, but surprisingly it was Marufuji who kicked ass all year long slowly gaining steam until upsetting Jun Akiyama for the GHC World Championship. His second defense was against his tag team partner KENTA. KENTA has history on his side as he scored a big win over Marufuji in their January match. Some nasty big moves like an Asai moonsault over the railing (nearly killing Marufuji) and a slingshot Doublestomp OVER the ropes ONTO THE CONCRETE!! Nasty stiff kicks and concussion-inducing suplexes also litter the 40 minute match. Luckily they both no-sell paralysis and keep on going, throwing everything at each other until both guys are exhausted. These two guys knew each other so well it seems they were thinking 2 or 3 moves ahead with all the counters and reversals. Although the Marufuji experiment only lasted a few month before Misawa won the title, it was a good test run for NOAH putting their Jr. guys on top, and this was the pristine match for perhaps the future of the promotion.

And here it is! We’re not worthy oh, youtube uploaders!


2. Bryan Danielson Vs. Nigel McGuinness (ROH – Unified – 8/12/06) – Danielson is the ROH World Champion. Nigel McGuinness is the ROH Pure champion. This was a unification match where the winner would take both belts. The rules were modified so they MUST be a winner (No Count-out or Double DQ crap like that). Also the match is contested under “Pure rules”, meaning if you get in trouble and make the ropes the ref breaks up the move. Each wrestler only has 3 rope breaks though, so after that the ref can’t break the hold. Nigel has a huge home crowd advantage as the match takes place in Great Britain. McGuinness has been close to defeating the American Dragon in previous matches, and now that his Pure title is on the line he has more incentive to win. Could this be the night? Danielson’s beat them all but McGuinness has that “I’m not going to lose tonight bitch” look in his eyes going into the match.


Floyd’s 2006 MATCH OF THE YEAR: Team ROH (Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, Adam Pearce, B.J. Whitmer & Ace Steel ) Vs. Team CZW (Necro Butcher, Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Nate Webb & Mystery partner) (ROH – Death before Dishonor 4 – Cage of Death – 7/15/06)

- After lots of soul searching I still couldn’t find a reason why not. Yup. This is it. The best match of 2006 despite it being a garbage match filled with trashcans, barbed-wire and thumbtacks. All the 70’s mat masters are turning over in their graves right now. The ROH Vs. CZW feud of 2006 was incredible booked. It benefited both promotions giving fans a taste of each new talent and it helped elevate some mid-card guys (Adam Pearce, B.J. Whitmer, Nate Webb, etc…) Throughout the feud CZW seemed to have an edge, winning most of the matches or at least coming out ahead at the end, including out-brawling and winning the big 6-man fight at “The 100th Show” and performing the Passion of B.J. Whitmer at “Arena Warfare”. So this match was made to be the end-all finish for the feud. ROH had the home court advantage, but CZW had the advantage inside their original type of match……. The dreaded…. CAGE OF DEATH!!! The rules are the same as the Wargames, a huge ass cage where two guys from each team start out. After a while a coin is tossed and the winning teams sends in another wrestler for a 2-1 advantage. This continues until all the wrestlers are in the cage and then, and only then, can the match end by pinfall or submission.

The booking of this match was a thing of beauty. Get rid of all the plunder and trashcan shots and we have a great story unfolding that Shakespeare himself would’ve booked. I respect you bookerman! It’s a story of tragedy, betrayal, determination, heroes, villainy and ghetto forks. I don’t want to spoil too much of this match cause I want everyone to watch it, but it had more memorable moments than I can possible remember and despite getting wild at moments, was paced perfectly to tell the story and keep the crowd into it. The match was about 50 minutes long but I swear you don’t even notice it. Also I thought it was pretty cool some of the wrestlers had signature weapons they used in the match (MO’ COWBELL!). A couple of storylines managed to pop out of this too like the B.J. Whitmer/Necro Butcher match and what Cornette does afterwards. Props to all the wrestlers and people involved in the whole ROH Vs. CZW feud which kicked all kinds of ass and culminated in this outstanding Match of the Year for 2006.

.. And that's that! Sorry to TNA fans. I actually saw every PPV they had this year but didn't feel they had a match better than my #10 pick. Maybe I'll do a seperate Top 10 TNA matches for 2006 list.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Looks like Sadam Hussein is dead. Executed.

Wow. I thought they'd be years of appeals or some crap like that. They didn't play around!

Well. While the death penalty isn't pretty I can't think of a better candidate. I mean I can't see community service as an alternative punishment for his crimes.

Apparently he had a final speech before his execution! It was a last minute appeal to the judge. here it is translated:
I watched way too much wrestling today. Again. Although I'm burned out and my visions failing, I think I actually have my Top 10 panned out! Top 10 matches of the year that is. My results are dominated by two promotions so I'll probably add a separate list for each promotion as well...

I also watched the 1st Chuck Liddell Vs. Tito Ortiz fight which I've never seen before. Pretty good fight but nothing special. They danced around the entire first round until Chuck just said "Fuck it" and annihilated Ortiz in about 30 seconds of Round II. Liddell's most likely going to win on Dec 31st as well but who knows? Regardless they both better watch out for an unemployed and extremely PISSED-OFF Wanderlei Silva hiding in the shadows.

Plus, My site is up!

Errr.. Well not up... I mean it IS up but doesn't have shit on it yet.. Sad thing is I didn't learn nothing about Designing Web sites for my C.S. Degree. So I'm gonna use the thing that brought me to the dance as a web editor... Notepad baby! STILL the greatest windows application ever..

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Since I'm off work and enjoy wasting my holidays, I've been catching up on a bunch of matches. Here's a good one:

Kensuke Sasaki & Kenta Kobashi beat Genichiro Tenryu & Katsuhiko Nakajima (Kensuke Sasaki 20th Anniversary - 2/11/06) - I know nothing of the history here but I seem to remember hearing Tenryu and Kobashi having beef from the past, like when Tenryu kicked his ass in All-Japan in the late 80’s or something. Tag partners Kobashi and Sasaki chop the crap out of each other then shake hands. Little Nakajima isn’t scared, no sir! and knocks down Sasaki from the start nearly pinning him and almost running his Anniversary. Smark’s #1 love Akira Hokuto is doing commentary. Matwork won by Nakajima but Sasaki’s too strong and tosses him around. Nakajima tries plan B and tries to slug it out but Sasaki’s still too strong! Kobashi tags in and immediately calls out Tenryu who tags in also. Neat mind games played on the rope breaks. And….away we go… IT'S CHOP FEST 2006! This goes on for 20 minutes or so, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Kobashi seems to be winning so Tenryu sweeps the leg then does violent things to Kobashi on the outside. Tenyru rolls back in but Kobashi calls him back out. Tenryu outsmarts the youngster then hits the running dive to the outside! Tenryu’s like 75 too. A chairshot to Kobashi and Nakajima gets tagged back in. Nakajima tries some forearms but Kobashi no-sells. Nakajima’s the Rodney Dangerfield tonight, he gets no respect. Action spills outside where Tenryu hits Kobashi with the side of a chair busting his mouth open hardway. Back I and AGAIN Nakajima gets no respect! :-) Sasaki comes in and destroys poor Nakajima who now has a busted lip. Out of nowhere Tenryu comes over and starts beefing with a bloodied Kobashi. Nakajima with some nice kicks but Sasaki keeps dropping him with hard chops. You could play a drinking game where you sip a beer everytime a stiff chop happens but you’d be passed out 3 minutes in. Kobashi with a unique submission move. Nakajima’s insane beating is getting to Rock/Mankind levels, as in like it’s not fun to watch anymore. Finally Tenryu gets the hot tag and cleans house! Tenryu clamps an octopus hold on Kobashi while Nakajima keeps Sasaki busy. This doesn’t last long as Tenryu gets the chop-fest treatment again, then eats a Sasaki-line and brainbsuter for a 2 count. Tenryu reverses into his own brainbuster then gets the tag to Nakajima. Nakajima tries the kicks again and this time Saski drops! Missile dropkick gets a one count. Nakajima drops Saski after 3 lariatos but all's for naught as Kobashi sneaks up behind him for a release half-nelson suplex. Nakajima manages to shake it off and hits a German suplex for a 2 count. More Nakajima kicks but Sasaki counters with a one-armed powerbomb for 2. The match finally ends after this:

<- Finish HIM!!!

After kicking his ass all match, Kobashi and Sasaki help Nakajima up, but the grouchy CJNorth.. ,err. I mean Tenryu, leaves snubbing Kobashi!! This would’ve set up a badass Tenryu Vs. Kobashi singles match but sadly Kobashi was diagnosed with cancer later in the year. Fun match but too one-sided for my taste but some barabic-ly stiff shots. Would probably make my Top 20. ****1/4

Mic Foley Vs. Ric Flair (Summerslam - I-Quit) – Both guys have (or had) legit beef after talking smack to each other in their books. I'm torn cause both guys are two of my all-time favorites. :-( Before the match Foley is all nervous after seeing Flair go bananas against Big Show, but then Malena gets him motivated and stuff.. Foley comes out with a trashcan. Both guys trade counters and reversals on the mat. Just kidding, Foley attacks Flair right at the bell and crunches the trashcan on Flair’s face in the corner. If you look closely you can see Flair’s face imbedded in the can. Foley puts on Mr. Socko! MANIBAL CLAW!! Foley’s looking to end it early. Foley releases it and grabs the microphone, telling Flair to quit now before it gets worse. Flair pleads the fifth, so Foley wraps barbedwire around Mr. Sock. But Flair puts his own manibal claw on Foley balls! Flair goes all Chuck Liddell with lefts and rights then puts the barbed-wired sock on his hand. Barbed-wired Flair chops!! I think Foley’s chest is bleeding through the shirt. Foley takes his crazy bump on the stairs outside but then drops Flair. Foley brings out a barbed-wired board from under the ring and waffles Flair with it. Flair is busted open!! The crowd chants “We Want Fire”. Jesus Christ, is this Philly?

More nasty moves with the bared-wire board. Flair’s really bleeding now. Foley gets the mic and ask Flair if he quits.. Flair: “Kiss… My… A..{thunk}” Foley beats up Flair with the mic then brings out a bag. Thumbtacks by gawd!! He bodyslams Flair on them!! Ouch! Foley gets the mic again, but Flair refuses to quit. Foley can’t believe it and he brings out a barbed-wire bat to shred Flair’s face. Flair escapes with a low blow but it bleeding much more than any senior citizen should. Flair gets the bat and starts pounding Foley’s arm which also starts bleeding. Flair ask Foley to quit but he won’t. Flair gets a running start and nails Foley, who does the Nestea Plunge off the apron to the concrete!! The ref and Doctors go to check out Foley. The Doc says it’s over cause Foley can’t continue. Flair: “Waitamin. This isn’t a lay-down-on-your-ass match.. it’s an I-Quit match.” Flair goes after Foley. The commentators are playing Flair up as a heel. Foley rolls back into the ring right over the tacks! Flair starts shredding up Foley’s face with the bat. Foley’s bleeding from the forehead. Flair “I’ll kill you! I’ll rip your heart out!! Whooooooo!” Finally Marlena throws in the towel! Flair wins! I guess… Flair grabs the mic. Flair “She! She DOES NOT say you quit. YOU DO!!” Flair’s grabs the bat and runs at Foley while Malena protects him. At the last minute… Foley says “I quit! I quit!!”

Awesome match! Flair and Foley took outlandish and unnecessary punishment pretty much from the get go. A lot of people were let down from this feud but I thought this match was great. ****