Friday, December 29, 2006

I watched way too much wrestling today. Again. Although I'm burned out and my visions failing, I think I actually have my Top 10 panned out! Top 10 matches of the year that is. My results are dominated by two promotions so I'll probably add a separate list for each promotion as well...

I also watched the 1st Chuck Liddell Vs. Tito Ortiz fight which I've never seen before. Pretty good fight but nothing special. They danced around the entire first round until Chuck just said "Fuck it" and annihilated Ortiz in about 30 seconds of Round II. Liddell's most likely going to win on Dec 31st as well but who knows? Regardless they both better watch out for an unemployed and extremely PISSED-OFF Wanderlei Silva hiding in the shadows.

Plus, My site is up!

Errr.. Well not up... I mean it IS up but doesn't have shit on it yet.. Sad thing is I didn't learn nothing about Designing Web sites for my C.S. Degree. So I'm gonna use the thing that brought me to the dance as a web editor... Notepad baby! STILL the greatest windows application ever..

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