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PWT Top 100 matches of All-time



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#101. Bret Hart Vs. Steve Austin Vs. The Undertaker Vs. Vader (139pts / 6 votes)
WWF In Your House 13: Final Four (Feburary 16th, 1997)

This match was set up when Shawn Michaels injured his knee and his smile in early 1997. The title was vacated and the winner of this 4-way would be the WWF World Heavyweight Champion! This was an elimination match which saw Bret Hart continung his feud with Steve Austin and Vader becoming such a bloody mess he was forced to take off his mask.

#100. The Steiner Brothers Vs. Lex Lugar & Sting (140pts / 6 votes)
WCW Superbrawl I (May 19th, 1991)

Ths Steiners was invincible in 1991. They had three world belts at this time, the United States tag team Championship, the WCW World Tag team Champions and the New japan IWGP World Tag team Championship. It was becoming hard to find tag teams to compete at their level, so a new “Dream Team” was made just for that. Both teams are good guys and friends, but when the titles are on the line, friends may become enemies quicker than you’d think! PWI’s MOTY 1991.


#99. Stan Hansen Vs. Vader (141pts / 5 votes)
New Japan/All-Japan “Super Fight” (February 10th, 1990)

This took place on the historic New Japan Vs. All-Japan Supercard in the Tokyo Dome. Both guys were renown to be the toughest and hard-hitting-ist mofo’s in their respective promotions, so they held nothing back. How violent was this? Well Vader right eye popped out of it’s socket after one really stiff punch!!!! Did the match stop? Ah hell no!! You know John Cena can thug and act tough all he wants, but until his eye pops out of his head and he keeps slugging away while it’s dangling all around, he’ll just be second banana to Vader..

#98. Bryan Danielson Vs. Christopher Daniels Vs. Low Ki (143pts / 6 votes)
ROH The Era of Honor Begins (Feburary 23rd, 2002)

Three of the best independant wrestlers on the scene tear it up at ROH's first show (at least that I know of). Which wrestler is the first to make his mark in the new promotion? One great way to start the era!

#97. Bryan Danielson Vs. Paul London (2 out of 3 Falls) (143pts / 7 votes)
ROH The Epic Encounter (April 12th, 2003)

Considered by some to be the best Ring of Honor match ever, this was an exhausting 2 out of 3 Falls match between two of the best wrestlers on the indy circuit. Both men are even not only in the ring, but with the crowd too. Who's cuisine will reign supreme?

#96. Jumbo Tsuruta Vs. Mitsuharu Misawa (149pts / 5 votes)
All-Japan (June 8th, 1990)

Jumbo Tsuruta was the big man on All-Japan campus since the mid 70’s. New Kid on the block Jr. Tiger Mask II dramatically tore off his mask in a tag match revealing the real wrestler underneath, Mitsuharu Misawa. Now Misawa’s made it to the top of the Heavyweight division, but is he tough enough to take the crown and become All-Japan’s ace for the future? Jumbo ain’t going down with no fight!

Cool review of the match (SPOILERS!):

#95. Magnum T.A. Vs. Tully Blanchard (I-Quit Cage match)(152pts / 6 votes)
NWA Starcade (November 28th, 1985)

For months Tully Blanchard had been ducking and retaining his U.S. title from Magnum T.A. with tons of interference (Babydoll, James J. Dillion, the Four Horsemen).. But now there is NO WHERE to run inside the confines of the steel cage! Not only is this in a cage, but it’s also an “I-Quit” match, meaning the only way for the match to end is for the loser to admit he can’t continue. The better man is sure to win this barbaric match. This was a true Hell-in-the-Cell.

Cool review of the match: (SPOILERS!):

#94. Eddie Guerrero Vs. Rob Van Dam (Ladder match) (154pts / 5 votes)
WWF RAW (May 27th, 2002)

This was for Eddie Guerrero’s Intercontinental Championship. What started as just another ladder match quickly escalated into a MOTYC as both guys seemed determined to out “holy shit!” bump the other. Chris Benoit (who bought a ticket) was curiously at ringside, although he played no part in the match. This match is also famous for a dumbass fan running into the ring and toppling the ladder while Guerrero was on it (is was edited out on the Guerrero DVD).

#93. The 2004 Royal Rumble (155pts / 7 votes)
WWF Royal Rumble (January 25th, 2004)

Ok I gonna spoil this one. {Floyd leans over and whispers}: Chris Benoit wins this one…. But it’s not enough just to know who wins the match but how Benoit wins the match, putting on a performance of a lifetime and lasting over an hour in the Rumble to earn a well deserved title shot at Wrestlemania XX.

#92 + 91 (tie). Elimination Chamber III (156pts / 7 votes)
WWF New Years Revolution (January 9th, 2005)

The contestants: World Champ HHH Vs. Randy Orton Vs. Batista Vs. Chris Jericho Vs. Chris Benoit Vs. Edge. This is an elimination match inside a steel cage. The order of entry is random, with a new guy entering the match at timed intervals. And boy oh boy is HHH in trouble. He’s got four pissed-off guys who are determined to get his World title. Luckily he has best buddy in the whole wide world Batista watching his back… Umm.. Doesn’t he?….

Bret Hart Vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper (156pts / 7 votes)
WWF Wrestlemania 8 (April 5th, 1992)

At the Royal Rumble, Roddy Piper won his first WWF title ever, the Intercontinental Championship. Now former champ Hart (who lost the belt to the Mountie due to an illness) gets a chance to win the belt back. Piper’s been a Hart family friend since Bret was in diapers picking his nose, but this is Wrestlemania baby! Rumor has it Bret Hart was almost suspended for blading a gusher of blood for the big match.

#90. Sabu Vs. Shane Douglas Vs. Terry Funk (158pts / 5 votes)
ECW The Night The Line Was Crossed (February 5th, 1994)

This was a super innovative match for it’s time. It’s a 3-way match between the suicidal Sabu, the technician Shane Douglas and the senile crazy Terry Funk. What sets it apart is how it keeps building to such a finish that the crowd is going crazy to see how can win.

#89. The Wargames (158pts / 6 votes)
NWA Great American Bash (July 4th, 1987)

Thought up by Dusty Rhodes during a concussion haze, this was a match where a huge cage surrounded two rings. It was the Four Horsemen (Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Lex Lugar, Arn Anderson & James J Dillion) Vs. The Guys who hate the Four Horsemen (Dusty Rhodes, Nikita Koloff, The Road Warriors & Paul Ellering). Two men start the match. 5 minutes later a coin is tossed and whichever team wins gets to put a teammate in, giving them a 2 on 1 advantage inside the cage. Then 3 minutes later the other team gets to put a guy in, evening it up. The kicker is that the match CAN NOT BE STOPPED until all 10 guys get in. Then the “Match beyond” begins and the only way to lose is to submit. Brutality. Blood. Hot crowds. Bionic Elbows. This is the NWA!

#88. Ric Flair Vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat (159pts / 5 votes)
NWA Chi-Town Rumble (February 20th, 1989)

Ric Flair was on top of the world. Despite tough defenses against Sting and Lex Lugar, he had managed to keep his World title for over a year. But during a tag team match, a mystery opponent pinned him clean in the ring!?!?! Who was it? Ricky Steamboat! This is the first match of their classic 1989 trilogy.

Neat review of the match (SPOILERS!):

#87. Akira Hokuto Vs. Shinobu Kandori (160pts / 6 votes – one #1 vote)
AJW Dream Slam 1 (April 2nd, 1993)

This is an interpromtional war between Akira Hokuto (tough as nails AJW wrestler) Vs. Shinobu Kandori (Former Judo Gold medallist and submission master LLPW wrestler). It quickly becomes apparent that Kandori has the advantage tonight. Can Hokuta reach down and get the win for her company through sheer determination and blood, sweat and tears?

Neat review of the match (SPOILERS!):

#86. Team Alliance Vs. Team WWF (Elimination match) (161pts / 8 votes – one #1 vote)
WWF Survivor Series (November 18th, 2001)

Team WWE (The Big Show, Undertaker, Kane, Chris Jericho and The Rock) took on Team Alliance (Shane McMahon, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle and Steve Austin) in this elimination match. This is the culmination of the WWF Vs. WCW/ECW feud and the winning team gets control of the company! Has there ever been a more important match for the promotion?

#85. Rob Van Dam Vs. Sabu (Stretcher match) (168pts / 5 votes)
ECW The Doctor is In (August 3rd, 1996)

This is a stretcher match, which mean the only way to win is for your opponent to be put on a stretcher and rolled to the back. On-again/off-again tag team partners RVD and Sabu always have great matches, but they pulled out all the stops in this one. Some memorable bumps include a senton off the top rope to the stretcher (which RVD barley hit), Sabu destroying his leg on the railing and the craziest fisherman’s buster suplex EVER.

#84. KENTA Vs. Low Ki (168pts / 8 votes – one #1 vote)
ROH Final Battle (December 17th, 2005)

Another great NOAH Vs. ROH match, this time with the Junior Heaveyweights. Although they’ve fought in Japan before, this is on Low Ki’s turf. Will that give him the edge? Some of these kicks were so stiff your teeth will shake while watching.

Neat review of the match (SPOILERS!):

#83. Bret Hart Vs. “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig (169pts / 7 votes)

WWF King of the Ring (June 13th, 1993)

Coming back from a career-ending back injury, Mr. Perfect showed he still had it. This is Round two in what Floyd considers the greatest King of the Ring performance ever (by Bret Hart). If I remember right both guys are fan favorites here. Will Mr. Perfect gets his Summerslam revenge?

#82. Jerry Lynn Vs. Rob Van Dam (171pts / 6 votes)

ECW Living Dangerously (March 21st, 1999)

Rob Van Dam was so invincible during his Television title reign that most fans considered it a more important belt that the ECW World title. And no one’s been able to compete with the arrogant Rob Van Dam, except for the “New F’ing Show” Jerry Lynn. For every move that RVD can do, Lynn seems to have a counter for it.

#81. Los Gringos Locos (Eddie Guerrero & Art Barr) Vs. Octagon & El Hijo De Santo (2 out of 3 Falls, Hair Vs. Masks match) (171pts / 7 votes – one #1 vote)
AAA When Worlds Collide (November 6th, 1994)

Los Gringos Locos (Eddie Guerrero, Art Barr and Konnan) terrorized AAA during their heyday, winning al the belts and beating up all the fan favorites. They not only turned their back on the fans but all of Mexico, supporting the United States ideals. If the Gringos lose, they’re shaved bald! But if Octagon/Santo Jr. lose, they lose their masks, including the sacred Santo’s mask!! It’s for all the marbles in this match! Most people say Art Barr was a better wrestler that Guerrero at this point, how scary is that! The t├ęcnicos are seconded by Blue Panther while the rudos got the late Louie Spicolli in their corner.

Cool review of the match (SPOILERS!):

#80. Kane Vs. The Undertaker (173pts / 7 votes)
WWF Wrestlemania 14 (March 29th, 1998)

A match months in the making. Undertaker’s long-lost (and presumed dead) brother made his debut by helping Shawn Michaels win in the infamous Hell in the Cell. Undertaker’s thought to be near invincible, but he seems shaken and outmatched against his brother. Could Taker’s undefeated Wrestlemania streak be over?

#79. HHH Vs. The Rock (Ladder match) (182pts / 7 votes)
WWF Summerslam (August 30th, 1998)

It’s hard to believe but HHH was a good guy back then and the leader of Degeneration X. And Rock was still part of the Nation of Domination and Intercontinental champ. Lots of crazy bumps in this one including the ladder getting so beat-up they had to get another one. The crowd was hot for this match too!

#78. HHH Vs. Ric Flair (Last Man Standing match)(186pts / 9 votes)
WWF Survivor Series (November 27th, 2005)

This is their rematch from Taboo Tuesday. It’s a Last man Standing match, which means when a wrestler is pinned, he has a 10 count to get back on his feet or else the match is over. Don’t let his age fool you, Flair’s still the dirtiest player in the game!

#77. A.J. Styles Vs. Samoa Joe (197pts / 7 votes)
TNA Sacrifice (August 14th, 2005)

The finals of the prestigious Super-X Cup. Samoa Joe proves the "no weight limits" of the ultimate-X division. he's also undefeated so far in TNA and has been nearly unstoppable. Styles, however, has meet Joe before so has more of an advantage in that regard. Samoa Joe's got the power, but Styles has the unorthodox moves that has made him such a star in TNA. Who will win the Super-X Cup tournament of 2005?

EDITED: Whoops I had the wrong match listed here originally, ma bad.

#76. A.J. Styles Vs. “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels (30 minute Iron Man match) (197pts / 9 votes)
TNA Bound For Glory (October 23rd, 2005)

The rematch to their fantastic Iron-man match earlier in the year. Aftyer the loss in Iron-man 1 (although it was really a draw), Daniels is determined to win this one. The great thing about their matches is how even these guys are. Alot of their moves from the first iron-man are brought back, but with different results this time! Most falls won in 30 min wins the match. Styles better beware of the Kojima clutch!

#75. Shawn Michaels Vs. HHH (Hell in the Cell match) (198pts / 6 votes)
WWF Bad Blood (June 13th, 2004)

I’ve actually never seen this one, but it’s the longest Hell in the Cell match on record last nearly 50min! Will this finally be the end if their long running feud? Hey how'd that table get into the cage?

#74. Shawn Michaels Vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (199pts / 9 votes)
WWF Wrestlemania 14 (March 29th, 1998)

One had a broken neck. The other a broken back. Yet they still put on one amazing main event. Will the future be in the hands of DX? Or has Steve Austin’s time finally come? Special outside guest referee is “Iron” Mike Tyson. Who’s side will he be on? HBK’s back was so beat up after this match he retired and was thought never to wrestle again.

#73. Juventud Guerrera Vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. (2 out of 3 Falls match) (201pts / 8 votes – one #1 vote)
ECW Big Ass Extreme Bash (March 9th, 1996)

It’s Lucha Libre…. TO THE EXTREME!! Although highflyers, these two took the match all around the arena and even outside! ECW was the gateway for lucha libre for the U.S. fans before WCW got ‘em all.

#72. Brock Lesnar Vs. Eddie Guerrero (214pts / 18 votes)
WWF No Way Out (February 15th, 2004)

Guerrero doesn’t have a chance. Brock Lesnar is destined to defend his Smackdown World Championship against either Kurt Angle or Goldberg at Wrestlemania 20. This is just a warm up match, I mean the WWF isn’t stupid enough to put the belt on one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, right? One of the best big man Vs. little man matches ever. And one of the greatest endings ever.

#71. Andre the Giant Vs. Hulk Hogan (215pts / 12 votes - four #1 votes)
WWF Wrestlemania 3 (March 21st, 1987)

Andre was billed as being undefeated in his Hall of Fame career (not really true). After Hogan kept ducking him Andre took it upon himself to call out the WWF World Champion on Piper’s pit. Hogan reluctantly agreed and now the match is set in front of the largest audience in North American history! ANDRE SMASH! ANDRE SMASH!

#70. Chris Benoit Vs. Kurt Angle (216pts / 7 votes)
WWF Wrestlemania 17 (April 1st, 2001)

After seeing this match you just knew these 2 would go on to have some of the greatest matches in recent WWF history. Benoit started out mat wrestling Angle, which was surprisingly effective. But Angle quickly went to Plan B and tried to outbrawl Benoit. The match ended with great wrestling sequences and high spots. Who will win the first chapter in their feud?

#69. Chris Benoit Vs. Chris Jericho (Ladder) (219pts / 11 votes)
WWF Royal Rumble (January 21st, 2001)

Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho continue their long-running feud, this time in a ladder match. Will this gimmicky prop be an insult to their usual stellar workrate inside the ring? Or will it instead lead to some….. TOTALLY UNNECESSARY CANADIAN VIOLENCE BROUGHT UPON EACH OTHER WITH THE LADDER!!!!!!?? Here’s a hint:

#68. Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle Vs. Edge & Rey Mysterio Jr. (222pts / 9 votes – one #1 vote)
WWF No Mercy (October 20th, 2002)

This was the finals of the 1st Ever Smackdown Tag title tournament. Angle and Benoit have the talent, but are always bickering between themselves over who was better. Edge and Rey Mysterio work together as a perfect machine though, and are primed and ready with a dazzling array of tag team and aerial moves to take the win. Who is the better team? Who will be the 1st ever Smackdown tag team champions? Great tag Team matches.. What a novel concept! Wrestling Observer's MOTY 2002.

#67. Randy Savage Vs. Ric Flair (225pts / 8 votes)
WWF Wrestlemania 8 (April 5th, 1992)

New World champ Ric Flair claimed that he’s had an affair with Savage’s old lady Elizabeth, and has the pictures to prove it! To say Randy Savage is the jealous type is like saying Vince McMahon has a bit of an ego. The belt's inconsequently compared to defending Elizabeth's honor. Savage is going to kill Flair!! But can Flair use this to his advantage to retain his WWF World title belt? Watch out for Mr. Perfect on the outside, Macho!

#66. Chris “Wild Pegasus” Benoit Vs. The Great Sasuke (228pts / 7 votes – one #1 vote)
New Japan Super J Cup finals (April 16th, 1994)

This is the finals of the prestigious Super J Cup, a tournament that involved 14 of the greatest Cruiserweights in the world. It’s also a bit of a tribute to the Dynamite Kid/Tiger Mask matches that inspired a vast number of Jr. Heavyweight wrestlers. Will Benoit’s technical skills earn him the win, or will The Great Sasuke’s crazy risk-taking win the match?

#65. Cactus Jack Vs. HHH (Hell-in-the-Cell) (229pts / 9 votes)
WWF No Way Out (Febuary 7th, 2000)

In their last match HHH won... But he barely made it out intact. Now HHH has agreed to let Cactus have one last chance for the World title. But there is a stipulation.. Cactus has to put his career on the line! Cactus Jack agrees, but there is one stipulation HE has.. It'll be a match to be held... IN THE HELL IN THE CELL!!

#64. A.J. Styles Vs. Christopher Daniels (30min Iron Man match) (230pts / 11 votes – one #1 vote)
TNA Against All Odds (February 13th, 2005)
30 min Iron-man match, most falls win. Both men are so close in ability that it's a toss-up and who will win. Styles is defending the X-Division title. After having to break up his tag team, Daniels is on his own and determined to make a name for himself in TNA's singles competition.


#63. Petey Williams Vs. A.J. Styles Vs. Chris Sabin (Ultimate X match) (232pts / 13 votes)
TNA – Final Resolution (January 16th, 2005)
The object of an Ultimate X match is the climb and grab onto a rope crisscrossed over the ring, and somehow grab an 'X' (or a belt) in the middle. Sounds simple huh? Well it leave you wide open and defenseless way up there, and BAD THINGS can and will happen.. Petey Williams's X-Division title is up for grabs here and with his Canadian Destroyer move, victory may be assured. But Sabin and Styles won't give up their chance so easily. Styles takes one of the craziest and most unheralded bumps ever.


Just for fun here's some random matches that didn't make the top 100...

#663. Bret Hart Vs. Bob Backlund (3pts / 1 vote)
WWF Survivor Series (November 23rd, 1994)
Two ring technicians go at it for the WWF World title. The only way to win the match is if your opponents seconds (who's located on the outside) throw in the towel!

#563. Bret Hart Vs. Goldberg (10pts / 1 vote)
WCW Starcade (December 19th, 1999)
Sadly this match is historic for all the wrong reasons.

#463. Chris Benoit Vs. Eddie Guerrero (22pts / 1 vote)
WCW Nitro (April 22nd, 1996)
Two of the best in the world tear it down on Nitro. Just another day at the office.

#336. Big Show Vs. The Rock Vs. HHH (32pts / 1 vote)
WWF Survivor Series (November 14th, 1999)
When Steve Austin was injured they needed a replacement for the main event. Who... {cue music} Well it's the Big Show!

#236. Eddie Guerrero Vs. JBL (49pts / 3 votes)
WWF Judgement Day (May 16th, 2004)
Eddie blades a gusher so bad he collapses after the match and got a blood disease. This may be JBL's best match ever even though he was just along for the ride.

#136. HHH Vs. Shawn Michaels (3-stages of Hell match) (95pts / 3 votes)
WWF Armageddon (December 15th, 2002)
A Street fight, a cage match and if necessary.... A Ladder match!

#62. HHH Vs. Ric Flair (233pts / 9 votes)
WWF Taboo Tuesday (November 1st, 2005)

When HHH returned from his self-induced exile (aka couldn't beat Batista), he teamed with bestest buddy in the whole world Ric Flair.. THEN HE TURNED PSYCHO ON HIM AND BEAT HIM UP!! Flair was once HHH's mentor and friend, but now he's disgusted at what he's become! Like an old lame horse he feels Flair needs to be put down... With the fans voting in a cage match at Taboo Tuesday Flair finally has HHH alone inside the confines of the steel cage. Can Intercontinental Champ Ric Flair use his years of experience to defeat the Game?

#61. Randy Savage Vs. The Ultimate Warrior (retirement match)(238pts / 10 votes)
WWF Wrestlemania 7 (March 24th, 1991)

When Savage cost Warrior his World title, their feud got personal. The only way to end it is for one of them to leave the WWF forever in a retirement match! Even the goofy Ultimate Warrior seemed to take this match seriously. Savage has Sherri Martel watching his back while the Warrior has... whoever it is he talks to in the sky. Hey! Is that Elizabeth I see in the stands?

#60. Shawn Michaels Vs. Shelton Benjamin (239pts / 9 votes)
WWF RAW Gold Rush tournament (May 2nd, 2005)

This was the past meeting the future in the Gold Rush tournament. The winner would get a shot at the RAW World title. Can Benjamin’s enthusiasm give him the win, or will HBK’s experience get him into the next round? One of the best free TV matches ever on RAW. The rumor that benjamin had to go to the dentist after this match is still unconfirmed.

#59. Kurt Angle Vs. The Undertaker (246pts / 13 votes – three #1 votes)
WWF No Way Out (February 19th, 2006)

I haven’t gotten to see this yet but I’ve been hearing MOTYC talk about it. Kurt Angle defends his new Smackdown World title against the dead man. Who will enter Wrestlemania 21 the champion?

#58. A.J. Styles Vs. Samoa Joe (248pts / 15 votes)
TNA Turning Point (December 11th, 2005)

The rematch. Has Styles learned from his mistakes to get the win this time? Or is Samoa Joe just too dominant? The one thing I hate about this match is all the restholds… HAHAHA! That was a joke... It’s all action from two of the best around today, who prove you don’t need flashy gimmicks to get over with the fans. Offline

#57. Kenta Kobashi Vs. Mitsuharu Misawa (254pts / 8 votes – one #1 vote)
All-Japan New Year’s Giant Series (January 20th, 1997)

These former tag team partners clash over the Triple-Crown, which Kobashi has. Wow Misawa is the challenger this time, hard to believe. Can Kobashi turn back his greatest challenge to his crown? Or will Misawa continue his dominance of All-Japan? BYW, this is Floyd’s favorite Puroresu singles match ever.

Neat review of the match (SPOILERS!):

#56. The Dynamite Kid Vs. Tiger Mask (256pts / 10 votes)
New Japan (April 21st, 1983)

Dynamite’s never beaten Tiger Mask and that fact consumes him, will tonight be the night? Most matches age when compared to today’s high-flying style, but this match would still be a MOTYC if held today. Both guys were so far ahead of their time and influenced a countless number of future greats such as Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Jushin Liger, Rey Mysterio, Jr., Ultimo Dragon, and the Great Sasuke

#55. Chris Benoit Vs. Kurt Angle (Cage) (266pts / 12 votes)
WWF RAW (June 11th, 2001)

Another great TV match, this time in a steel cage! Lots of crazy bumps including a headbutt and Anglesault of the top of the cage! Not to mention 8,000 german suplexes! Steve Austin does commentary while both guys kill each other. Another MOTYC in their classic feud. Benoit would take a year off from a neck injury soon after this match.

#54. Brock Lesnar Vs. Kurt Angle (Iron man match) (270pts / 14 votes)
WWF Smackdown (September 18th, 2003)

One thing no one has been able to do is make Brock work for 60 min.. But then again.. no one's been willing to let Brock beat them up for 60min either! Most falls win, Angle's World title is on the line. Is Angle's surgically repaired neck strong enough for such a grueling match? This was a great free TV match that won MOTY for Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Another match in their classic 2003 feud.

#53. Edge & Christian Vs. The Hardyz Vs. The Dudleyz (271pts / 13 votes)
WWF Wrestlemania 16 (April 2nd, 2000)

After a great tag team ladder match at last year No mercy. The Hardyz and Edge/Christian have their rematch with the dangerous Dudleyz thrown into the mix. GET THE TABLES!!

#52. The Money in the Bank Ladder match (273pts / 13 votes)
WWF Wrestlemania 21 (April 3rd, 2005)

Well they had to put these guys somewhere on the card. It’s Shelton Benjamin Vs. Chris Benoit Vs. Kane Vs. Edge Vs. Christian Vs. Chris Jericho in a ladder match. There’s a suitcase hanging above the ring, the first person to grab it gets a title-shot for the World title anytime he wants for one year. This match is memorable for Shelton Benjamin’s “ladder run” and Benoit’s awesome selling, but all 6 guys put in a great performance.

#51. Ric Flair Vs. Sting (277pts / 9 votes)
NWA Clash of the Champions I (March 27th, 1988)

Sting was just some face painted WWF-wanna be before the match. But almost an hour later he was seen as the real deal and future successor of the NWA. Flair and Sting tore it up in front of one of the hottest crowd of all-time. Jim Ross nearly loses his voice by the end of the match trying to yell over the fans. This was broadcast the same day as Wrestlemania IV and was voted Wrestling Observer’s MOTY for 1988.

IT’S TOP 50 TIME!!!!

#50. Ric Flair Vs. Terry Funk (I Quit match) (286pts / 10 votes)
NWA Clash of the Champions IX: New York Knockout (November 15th, 1989)

Flair and Funk had been feuding for months. Funk not only nearly broke Flair’s neck and took him out of wrestling forever, but even put a plastic bag around his neck and tried to suffocate him!! So they’ve decided on a end-all to any feud, an I-Quit match! Both men have too much pride to concede that the other man is better. Also, right before the match both guys decided to quit the NWA if they lose! A crazy historical brawl on free TV.

#49. Shawn Michaels Vs. Razor Ramon II (Ladder match) (294pts / 9 votes)
WWF Summerslam (August 27th, 1995)

The rematch from their classic a year before. This time the roles are reverses, Razor’s the heel and HBK’s da good guy. HBK takes a nasty bump on his leg early, but still pulls out all the stops with crazy ass bumps. This is the first match to introduce 2 ladders in the ring that I know of.

#48. Jerry Lynn Vs. Rob Van Dam (296pts / 11 votes)
ECW Hardcore Heaven (May 16th, 1999)

Another great classic from two guys who seem opposite in personality but even in ability. This is the one where Lynn takes a nasty header off the apron and actually knocks himself out! But he soon gets up and wrestles for 15-20 min more! ECW! ECW! ECW!

#47. Kenta Kobashi Vs. Mitsuharu Misawa (298pts / 10 votes)
NOAH Navigate For Evolution (March 3rd, 2003)

Kenta Kobashi went to the see the doctor one day. You know, for a checkup or a flu shot or something.. It turned out that he had massive injuries to.. well... everything! We're talking Mic Foley territory here. Both knees were so shot it was possible he might have to retire. But that stubborn Kobashi rehabed like a mofo, returned to the ring and climbed the ranks up to get this World title shot against his old pal Misawa. Mitsuharu Misawa may accept the fact that his reign of one of the greatest wrestler in the World is winding down, but that doesn't mean he's not going to just roll over and die.. Much like Misawa's own matches against Tsuruta in the late 80's, Kobashi's going to have to prove he's got it in him to represent NOAH and carry their GHC World title. Wrestling Observer's 2003 MOTY

#46. Edge & Christian Vs. The Hardyz (299pts / 11 votes)
WWF No Mercy (October 17th, 1999)

They entered the match as mid-card jobbers and ended it as main eventers. Crazy tag team ladder match that introduced the concept of having crazy-ass bumps piled onto each other so much that the fans didn't have time to catch their breath. The winner of this final match of the T.I.T. (Terri Invitational Tournament) gets Terri Runnels as their manager. Instead of leaving things the way there were, like they should’ve, they instead upped the ante next year at Wrestlemania 16 along with some guys from ECW.

#45. The Rock Vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (314pts / 10 votes)
WWF Wrestlemania 19 (March 3rd, 2004)

The third and probably last match of their epic Wrestlemania series. Austin's more banged up, but Rock has been away making movies at Hollywood.. Who has it left in them to win at the grandest stage of all? Can the Rock finally win one?

#44. Hulk Hogan Vs. The Ultimate Warrior (314pts / 13 votes – one #1 vote)
WWF Wrestlemania 6 (April 1st, 1990)

There was NO reason this should’ve been this good.. NONE. Yet even with Floyd’s unnecessary and vicious hatred of all things Warrior and Hogan, he still can’t deny that this was one awesome match. Hogan is the World champ, Warrior’s the Intercontinental champ. Nearly 70,000 fans packed the arena to see this epic match, many of them cheering for both guys. Will Warrior be the man to carry the WWF into the 90’s? Or will Hogan dominate another decade?

#43. Eddie Guerrero Vs. Kurt Angle (321pts / 14 votes)
WWF Wrestlemania 20 (March 14th, 2004)

Although he was one of the World’s best wrestlers at the time, Eddie Guerrero’s World title win over Brock Lesnar was a bit of an upset. Now his first title defense is at the grandest stage of them all against a man completely obsessed, almost psychotically, at regaining the World title. Angle may have the integrity, intelligence and intensity. But Guerrero got… the Latino heat! Lie, cheat and steal; do what’s you got to do to get the win. The other World title match at Wrestlemania XX gets all the notice, but this one was quietly a MOTYC on it’s own!


And now, I'd like to take a moment and reflect on some of the matches that couldn't be here in the Top 100 tonight.... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

#643. Cactus Jack Vs. Vader (4pts / 1 vote)
WCW Saturday Night (April 24th, 1993)
This was another nasty match where Cactus Jack took an unprotected powerbomb on the concrete! This would lead to the retarted "amnesia angle" but then lead to the very much NON-retarted Texas Deathmatch at Halloween Havoc 1993.

#543. Kurt Angle Vs. The Rock (12pts / 1 vote)
WWF No Mercy (October 27th, 2000)
The Rock defends his World title against the hottest wrestler in the WWF, Kurt Angle. it's true, it's true!

#443. Ric Flair Vs. Hulk Hogan (Cage) (21pts / 2 vote)
WCW Halloween Havoc (October 23rd, 1994)
Flair got lucky at Bash at the Beach. Can he beat Flair again inside a steel cage? If Flair loses he retires forever and ever!

#343. Ric Flair Vs. Antonio Inoki (32pts / 1 vote)
New Japan Collision in Korea (April 29th, 1995)
The first meeting from the two Hall of Famers was held in front of 150,000 fans. And no THAT WAS NOT A TYPO! 150,000 fans!!! McMahon eat your heart out.

#243. Bret Hart Vs. Razor Ramon (47pts / 1 vote)
WWF Royal Rumble (January 24th, 1993)
"The Bad Guy" gets a shot at the World title.

#143. Bret Hart Vs. Shawn Michaels (88pts / 5 vote)
WWF Survivor Series (November 9th, 1997)
Yup this is the infamous match. But aside from the finish, which everyone remembers, it was a great match with both guys brawling throughout the arena before finishing a great match in the ring. Hey, why is McMahon walking out?...........

#42. Dean Malenko Vs. Eddie Guerrero (2 out of 3 Falls) (323pts / 12 votes)
ECW Arena (August 26th, 1995)

When most newer fans hear of ECW’s glory days, it’s usually the Barbed-wire matches or guys falling nutts-first onto a flaming table full of tacks. But believe it or not ECW was the gateway to the U.S. for new types of wrestling such as high-flying lucha libre or more mat-based New Japan crusierweight action. Two of it’s biggest stars were Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko, two guys who didn’t need extended pyro entrance or rapper gimmicks, but just went out there and wrestled as hard as they possible could for the fans. But now they both have signed WCW contracts and this is their last match in the ECW Arena. How will the bloodthirsty and loyal ECW fans treat them for their treachery?

#41. Bret Hart Vs. “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig (340pts / 12 votes – one #1 vote)
WWF Summerslam (August 26th, 1991)

These second generation wrestlers of Hall-of-Fame dads may have been the 2 best wrestlers in the WWF at the time. For 6 years Bret Hart has been in the tag team ranks as half of the hart Foundation. But now he’s gone solo and is eyeing his first WWF title. Intercontinental champ Hennig has been, well.. “perfect” during his reign, but has a super serious back injury. Can Hennig pull off another awesome defense or is Bret Hart due?

#40. Akira Taue & Toshiaki Kawada Vs. Kenta Kobashi & Mitsuharu Misawa (343pts / 9 votes – one #1 vote)
All-Japan Super Power Series (June 9th, 1995)

It's the Green & Orange Vs. The Red & Yellow! These four guys have had some of the greatest matches of all time, but this is their best outing. Misawa and Kawada have old scores to settle and Kobashi & Taue are primed to show the world they’re the next contenders for the crown. Kobashi’s got a bad wheel but has enough heart to compensate for it. Can Kawada or Taue get the pin on the champ Misawa? Probably Floyd's favorite Puroresu match ever!

Neat review(s) of the match (Spoilers):

#39. C.M. Punk Vs. Samoa Joe II (352pts / 16 votes – one #1 vote)
ROH Joe Vs. Punk II (October 16th, 2004)

The first match went the 60:00 min draw, so this is the rematch to see who the better man is. Once again it's Samoa Joe defending his ROH Championship against Punk. Punk seems more confident now, as he knows Joe's moves and gameplan.. Can he end Joe's 18month strangehold on the title?

#38. Chris Jericho Vs. Shawn Michaels (352pts / 17 votes)
WWF Wrestlemania 19 (March 30th, 2003)

Chris Jericho grew up idolizing Shawn Michaels. He practiced all his movies and mannerisms and hoped one day to achieve HBK's high status. Well now, after being the first undisputed World Champion, Jericho believes he's not only reached Michaels achievements, but has surpassed them. All that's left now is to beat the Heartbreak Kid at Wrestlemania and prove it to the world. HBK's still got some tricks up his sleeve though that Jericho may not have learned yet..

#37. 6-Man Hell in the Cell (364pts / 15 votes – one #1 vote)
WWF Armageddon (December 10th, 2000)

The victims err…. I mean “Contestants” are Kurt Angle, Rikishi, Triple-H, The Rock, Steve Austin and The Undertaker… Kurt Angle boasted that he was the best and would take on all comers for his newly won WWF World title. So a match was made.. against Rikishi!... AND HHH!!... AND The Rock!!!... AND The Undertaker!!!!... AND Steve Austin!!!!!... AND in THE HELL-IN-THE-CELL!!!!!!...Kurt's getting screwed! It's true! It's damn true! Can Angle escape with his title… and alive?

#36. Mankind Vs. The Rock (I-Quit match) (389pts / 18 votes)
WWF Royal Rumble (January 24th, 1999)

The Rock is obsessed with regaining the World title, which he lost in dramatic style to Mankind on RAW. No matter what type of match The Rock offers, Mankind simply thinks that the Rock “Is not Championship material”. Finally exasperated The Rock says “That’s it! There’s no reasoning with you! I quit and…”
Mankind: “I accept!! It’ll be an I-Quit match!”

This is Mankind’s type of match! There’s no way anyone can make him say I-quit. The only way to do so would be to practically kill him. Does the Rock have it in him? Or will Mankind finish the Rock once and for all. Believe it or not, I actually think this is more brutal than Hell in the Cell.

#35. Masato Tanaka Vs. Mike Awesome (423pts / 16 votes)
ECW/WWF One Night Stand (June 12th, 2005)

Mike Awesome and Masato Tanaka continue their long running feud at ECW's reunion show (on WWE's dime too! ;). Masato Tanaka takes his usual insane punishment but refuses to stay down while Mike Awesome does moves a guy 100lbs lighter wouldn’t even do. At last count 4,177 tables were destroyed in this match! As well as 5,849 ot Tanak's brain cells..... OMG!

#34. Shawn Michaels Vs. Mankind (427pts / 14 votes)
WWF IYH: Mind Games (September 22nd, 1996)

Talk about a clash of styles. Although Mankind in a pre-promo, screamed that he doesn’t want to be a “sexy boy”, he’ll gladly destroy HBK and give the World title to uncle Paul Bearer. Shawn Michaels is visibly shaken in his pre-match promo. When their usual offense isn’t working, both guy have to adapt to each other mid-match with HBK getting more aggressive and Mankind surprisingly playing it smart. I think this is the only match where somebody was actually smart enough to work on Mankind's hand, preventing the mandible claw from coming into play. Two of the greatest bumpers of all-time put on a 30 minute clinic that literally saved the show. A great, super underrated match of the 90’s.

#33. The Elimination Chamber I (428pts / 16 votes)
WWF Survivor Series (November 17th, 2002)

A more modern version of the Wargames, the Elimination Chamber is a huge steel cage. Two men start out, the rest are inside a glass uhh.. bubble thingy.. At certain time intervals a random bubble or "chamber" opens up and someone is allowed into the match, fresh as a daisy to wail on the tired guys. It's also an elimination match which means when someone is pinned/submits, they leave but the match continues until the last man left standing. The contestants are: Booker T, RVD, Chris Jericho, Kane, Shawn Michaels and Triple-H. HHH has the chips stacked against him, can The Cerebral Assassin retain his World title?

#32. Cactus Jack Vs. Randy Orton (Streetfight) (430pts / 18 votes)
WWF Backlash (April 18th, 2004)

After pushing Foley's buttons for months, Mic couldn't take it anymore and finally accepted the legend Killer's invitation in a No-DQ, anything goes Streetfight as Cactus Jack! Oh shit…..!!! Your in for it now Randy!!! Don’t look for any double-leg takedowns or superior amateur mat wrestling. The only counters Cactus knows to any move is a barbed-wire bat to the fo’ head.

#31. HHH Vs. The Rock (Iron man match) (443pts / 19 votes – two #1 votes)
WWF Judgment Day (May 21st, 2000)

The Rock and HHH have been feuding for years. Now they will settle it (with The Rock's World title on the line) in a grueling 60min Iron man match. Shawn Michaels is special referee, will he help his former DX buddy HHH? One thing I remember about this match is the cool promo before it which said stuff like in 60min these guys will lose 12lbs of weight from fatigue. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels, yeah. But nobody thought these two could go 60 min.

#30. The 1992 Royal Rumble (444pts / 14 votes – one #1 vote)
WWF Royal Rumble (January 19th, 1992)

“Ric Flair’s too old”, said Jim Herd, the guy who fired Ric Flair. “Who in the BLUE FUCK would pay money to see such a dried up loser anyway?? I managed to get the hippy to cut his hair, but then he refused to wear an ear ring and wear the gladiator outfit (Floyd: I'm not making this up)... Talk about unproffesionalism..Now El Gigante, JYD and Sid Vicious. Now THERE'S the young talent and future of the NWA. Yup, luckily we finally cut our losses and let the WWF take him off our hands. Never regretted it once...”

Wendy’s 16 yr.old manager: “Hey Jim, I told you to clean the bird shit from off the tables 5 minutes ago. Don’t make me kick your ass again.... And stop talking to yourself in the bathroom mirror!”

Jim Herd: “Sorry sir!!!”

Ric Flair + 60:00 + 29 guys who all seem to wants to kick his ass + Floyd's biggest markout ever + WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! = Best. Rumble. Ever.

Neat review of the match (SPOILERS!):

#29. HHH Vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (3-stages of Hell match) (447pts / 17 votes – one #1 vote)
WWF No Way Out (February 25th, 2001)

3-stages of hell. A 2/3 Falls match. First fall is a regular match. Second is a No-DQ anything goes streetfight. And if necessary (*hint: it was*) the third fall is a steel cage match! Austin made a dramatic return from crippling injuries to win the Royal Rumble and earn a shot at the World title match at Wrestlemania 17, but he's putting that title shot on the line to finally face the man who put him on the shelf so many months ago.... HHH! A grueling, awesome match that proved not only that Austin still had it in him, but the Game ain't no slouch either.

#28. Brock Lesnar Vs. Kurt Angle (448pts / 21 votes – two #1 votes)
WWF Wrestlemania 19 (March 30th, 2003)

Brock Lenser gets a chance to win back his World title. Kurt Angle may be the best wrestler in the world at this point, but he's coming off a massive neck injury! In fact, this may well be Angle’s last match ever and he want’s to go out as the Champ!

#27. Hulk Hogan Vs. The Rock (451pts / 22 votes – one #1 vote)
WWF Wrestlemania 18 (March 17th, 2002)

Hogan was too old to face the Rock. But he’s crafty. That’s why him and the Outsiders beat the crap out of the Rock and then hit the ambulence that carried him with a Semi truck!! Now Rock will get his payback from the hated Hogan. But something happened on the way out of the curtain. The fans went crazy!! Hulkamania was reborn again for just one more Wrestlemania. To be honest, Hogan didn’t do much of anything different than he usually did in WCW, but the fans went insane for every Hogan punch or comeback. The Rock found out early that he wasn’t wrestling against just one person, but over 68,000 fans too!

#26. Bret Hart Vs. Chris Benoit (Owen Hart Tribute match) (452pts / 20 votes)
WCW Nitro (October 4th, 1999)

Incredibly, and sadly, this match passed a lot of people by when it aired, due to the fact that WCW did nothing to promote it. It happened in the middle of Monday Night Nitro and was a “tribute” to Owen Hart who died in the same arena months earlier. The King of Kansas City Harley Race announced the men, who proceeded to have a Stampede-like wrestling match, much like Bret and Owen had introduced to the WWF. Rumor has it that Bret really pushed hard for Benoit to win (since Benoit had so much in common with his brother, style-wise) but it was nixed. The last of the Hart family dungeon graduates put on a 30:00 wrestling minute clinic to an appreciative crowd.

TOP 25 TIME!!!!!

Will your all-time favorite match make it?? Or was voted in at #101? DOH!

#25. America’s Most Wanted Vs. XXX (Cage) (462pts / 19 votes – one #1 vote)
TNA Turning Point (December 5th, 2004)

One of the longest feuds in recent history, this is THE end of it. Why? Because the losing team MUST break up and never tag again! Not just a regular cage, this is a 6-sided cage of steel. The match started out as a regular tag match, but quickly escalated into a free-for-all slug fest with insane moves. Christopher Daniels head must've bounced off the cage 100 times in a row. Look how high Skipper is in the gif, compared to the top rope.


And now, I'd again like to take a moment and reflect on some of the matches that couldn't be here in the Top 100 tonight.... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

#625. Super Crazy Vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri (6pts / 1 vote)
ECW Living Dangerously 1999
Another awesome match between these two. It's Mexican Vs. Japan styles!

#525. Ruckus Vs. Trent Acid (14pts / 1 vote)
CZW Cage of Death III (December 15th, 2001)
Don't think I've seen this one. Rckus defends the CZW Jr. Heavyweight title.

#425. Ricky Steamboat Vs. Steve Austin (24pts / 1 vote)
WCW Bash at the Beach 1994
These two always had some awesome matches. This is right before Steamboat had to retire due to back injury.

#325. Hulk Hogan Vs. The Iron Shiek (34pts / 1 vote)
WWF MSG (January 23rd, 1984)
Hulk who?

#225. Brian Pillman Vs. Jushin "Thunder" Liger (52pts / 3 vote)
WCW SUperbrawl II (1992)
Liger brings New Japan to an astonished WCW crowd. Wrestling Observer's runner-up to MOTY 1992.

#125. Chris Benoit Vs. The Rock (109pts / 5 vote)
WWF Fully Loaded 2000
Benoit gets his chance at the WWF title!

#24. Bret Hart Vs. Davey Boy Smith (522pts / 22 votes – one #1 vote)
WWF Summerslam (August 29th, 1992)

Vince was worried that with Hogan gone there’s no way they could fill Wembley Stadium, especially with these midgets Bret hart and Daveyboy Smith in the main event. 80,355 fans later and McMahon was proven wrong. Both guys are fan favorites, but hometown Daveyboy’s the definite crowd fav. Bret Hart is his brother-in-law and is defending the Intercontinental title. Who will win between these two Dynamite Kid trained Superstars? Will the Hart family be in ruins?

#23. Bret Hart Vs. Owen Hart (Cage match) (576pts / 21 votes – one #1 vote)
WWF Summerslam (August 29th, 1994)

Owen pinned his brother cleanly at Wrestlemania 10. Later in that show Bret Hart won the world title, so now Owen knows he can beat him again and be the World Champ. This is a cage match, first person to escape wins. This match is a nice mix of old school cage wrestling (lotsa dramatic near escapes and wearing down your opponent) and the new-school cage stuff (high spots, high spots, high spots!) Who will leave Summerslam saying their the better wrestler?

#22. Kurt Angle Vs. Shane McMahon (Streetfight) (587pts / 22 votes – one #1 vote)
WWF King of the Ring (June 24th, 2001)

Kurt Angle had it. He HAD it right in the palm of his hand... Two straight King of the Ring tournaments wins... But Shane McMahon's interferance cost him it. Now Angle, despite wrestling 2 matches earlier in the show, is going to take his frustrations out on Shane-O-Mac. But Shane's ready! Stick-and-move, stick-and-move.. Wonder how long it took Shane to wash the glass out of his hair. Man, I don't think I could watch my son get beat up like that.. and also sell tickets for it!

#21. Mitsuharu Misawa Vs. Toshiaki Kawada (589pts / 16 votes – four #1 votes)
All-Japan Super Power Series (June 3rd, 1994)

They started their career’s as friends and tag team partners ushering in a new era of wrestlers for All-Japan. By the time this match rolled around their were bitter rivals having some of the greatest matches of all time. All the stars are aligned tonight for Kawada, all he has to do is the thing he’s never done before. Pin Misawa. Some call it the best match of all time!

Neat review of the match (SPOILERS!):

#20. TLC I (620pts / 21 votes – one #1 vote)
WWF Summerslam (August 27th, 2000)

The Hardyz Vs. The Dudleys Vs. Edge/Christian (The tag team champs). While the 3-way ladder match at Wrestlemania 16 was really a TLC in sprit, now they had the name and license to do as many crazy things as they wanted too. There's a reason you don't see many of these matches anymore.. cough *Injurys* cough *Career-ending* cough cough..

#19. Ric Flair Vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat (641pts / 18 votes – three #1 votes)
NWA Wrestlewar (May 7th, 1989)

Part 3 of their 1989 trilogy. And Steamboat’s still the champ! Is this Flair’s last chance to finally beat The Dragon? They build on some of the moves from their past matches much like the Dynamite Kid/Tiger mask series. Since the Clash match was so close and nearly went the distance, there’s a panel of judges outside to vote on the winner in case their’s a tie. Don’t want to sound blasphemous, but I bet when God gets bored and wants to see some good wrestling, he pops in a Steamboat/Flair match!

Neat review of the match (SPOILERS!):

#18. Eddie Guerrero Vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. (Title Vs. Mask) (649pts / 32 votes – one #1 vote)
WCW Halloween Havoc (October 26th, 1997)

Rey Mysterio finally gets his chance to win the WCW Crusierweight title, but he has to put his sacred mask on the line! Can Rey overcome the odds over Guerrero, who’s on an incredible hot streak? This is aerial moves galore. Dat mean old rudo Guerrero just seems one step ahead at all times, but Rey refuses to surrender his mask!! He won’t stay down!! This is not only for himself, but for his whole family and father, This match also has the coolest DDT in the history of the known Universe. DVDR voted this the best WCW match of the 90’s.

#17. Shawn Michaels Vs. HHH (Streetfight) (688pts / 23 votes)
WWF Summerslam (August 25th, 2002)

Shawn Michaels last WWF match was back at Wrestlemania 15 in March of 1998. He had to retire because of a crippling back injury that cut his Hall-of-fame career short. Now years later he gets a friendly match back with his old friend and Degeneration-X running buddy HHH. But before the match HBK is attacked and brutally beaten by an unknown assailant! HHH goes on a rampage determined to find the person responsible. But Shawn knows... And he gives proof who did it to the fans with a video, It was... HHH!!!! WTF!?!??? HHH said HBK held him down for all those years and he'll be damned if HBK gonna steal the spotlight from him now! And if he has to put Shawn in a wheelchair to do it, then so be it... Eric Bishoff was so concerned about the injuries involved, that this is a non-sanctioned match, meaning both men signed agreements that whatever happens, the WWF is not responsible. So it's a NO-DQ, anything goes Streetfight! Can Shawn's back, which has not been tested in the ring for over 4 years, take the punishment? Does Shawn have anything left?

#16. Ric Flair Vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat (2 out of 3 Falls) (711pts / 17 votes – four #1 votes)
NWA Clash of the Champions VI (April 2nd, 1989)

Match #2 in the classic trilogy. This was shown free on TV head to head with Wrestlemania 5. That punk Steamboat got lucky but now Flair’s ready and hungry to regain the NWA World Championship, a belt he has basically owned for the last 8 years. Every fall tells a different story. Both guys are at their peak and may have been the two greatest wrestlers IN THE WORLD at the time of this match. Both guys attitudes and lifestyles and complete opposites, but they're absolutely even in the ring. One mistake, that's all it'll take. This was Wrestling Observer’s 1989 MOTY. * P.S. Floyd was one of the #1 votes for dis one.

#15. Kenta Kobashi Vs. Samoa Joe (747pts / 25 votes)
ROH Joe Vs. Kobashi (October 1st, 2005)

One slap. The first move of the match was a hard slap right to Kobashi’s stunned face, with no follow-up, setting up the tone of the match. Joe knows who he’s in there with. He knows Kobashi is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and is a 4-time Wrestling Observer’s Wrestler of the Year, and he respects him. But this is HIS house. This is HIS ROH ring. And he’s not here just to put on an exhibition for the fans, but to WIN and take one more step up the ladder in his early career. Hmmmmmm.. That attitude sounds just like Kobashi when he was taking on Hansen and Tsuruta in the early 90’s… Speaking of respect, has there ever been a more respectful and hotter crowd that the few hundred (or however many it was) that jammed into the arena that night? Even though it just an “indy” match, this is possibly the two best wrestlers from their respective Hemispheres squaring off one-on-one in Wrestling Observer’s 2005 MOTY. The rumor (that Floyd just started this very second) of Samoa Joe having 4 lbs of his chest chopped off and turned into confetti, which landed throughout the first four rows, is still unconfirmed.

#14. Cactus Jack Vs. HHH (798pts / 32 votes – two #1 votes)
WWF Royal Rumble (January 23rd, 2000)

HHH and Stephanie McMahon have terrorized the WWF since taking over. They even fired Mankind! Why?.. meh.. just for fun. Those bitches... Finally all of the WWF roster (lead by The Rock) said they will all walk out on their candy asses and quit unless HHH/Stephanie reinstates Mankind. They agree, and not only that but they also give Mankind a shot at HHH's title at The Royal Rumble! HHH kicks his ass on TV before then. Mankind goes on TV and says that beating he gave him was so bad that he doesn't think he's in shape physically or mentally to face HHH at the Rumble. But he knows someone who is...... CACTUS JACK!!!!! The crazed madman who fought and set the standards of all deathmatches in Japan, is back with a vengeance! Cactus Jack feels no pain! The dude’s freaking bananas. And now he’s pissed off too!

This match is a No-DQ Streetfight! Can HHH rise to the occasion to defend his title in such a dangerous match, or will it be the Cactus Jack show? Cactus Jack ain't dealing with a full deck of cards. This match has everything. Chairs. Bent Chairs. Broken Chairs. Broken HHH’s. Regular tables. Spanish Announce tables. Bats. Barbed Wire. Splinters. A fan who looks like Mickey Rooney. Handcuffs. Blood. Harsh language. And Thumbtacks. Thumbtacks! Thumbtacks by gawd!!! BANG! BANG!

#13. Chris Benoit Vs. Kurt Angle (879pts / 30 votes – two #1 votes)
WWF Royal Rumble (January 19th, 2003)

Angle has been ducking his former tag team partner Benoit for months since winning the World title. He's has his flunkies Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjmain act as a shield for him. But now this is it. It's one-on-one. These guys are so evenly matched and know each other so well that the winner will only be determined by who makes a mistake first or who can outlast the other! The match was so good and appreciated, that the crowd gave the loser a standing ovation after the match!

#12. Mankind Vs. The Undertaker (Hell in the Cell) (887pts / 34 votes – two #1 votes)
WWF King of the Ring (June 28th, 1998)

J.R.: “Oh God!…… Oh my God!!”
Lawler: “That’s it he’s dead.”
J.R.: ……………{long pause}……………..……”Would somebody stop the damn match!?!??”

The Undertaker had a broken ankle in this match and sucked it up, but it limited him in what he could do inside the cage. Mankind knew they had big shoes to follow up the first Hell in the Cell, which was insane. He had to do something special. What resulted was the match no one would EVER forget once they’ve seen it. Two of the craziest bumps ever to go along with one of the gutsiest performances in wrestling history. Also Mankind debuts one of his old Japanese Deathmatch props to the match. Lots of haters were turned into die-hard wrestling fans overnight just because of this match.

[size=24]#11. The Rock Vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (901pts / 32 votes – four #1 votes) [/size]
WWF Wrestlemania 17 (April 1st, 2001)

This match tells two stories. It tells the dramatic story of a rebirth. But it also tells the story of “Hey man, Fuck you Steve! This is MY promotion now…”

Steve Austin broke his neck in a match against Owen Hart at Summerslam 1997. Despite needing surgery and months off, he kept wrestling, won the WWF World title, and basically put the whole company on his broken body and pulled the WWF past WCW in the ratings. Time, wear and tear have finally caught up to him and after [kayfabe] being hit by a car in 1999 [/kayfabe], Steve Austin engaged in a massive rehabilitation program to come back. He won the Royal Rumble and earned a shot at the WWF World title at Wrestlemania 17. The current Champion? The Rock. Now the two most popular wrestlers in the company square off in a dream match-up in Austin's home state of Texas in front of over 67,000 fans! Austin will do anything it takes to win the title back. Anything.

P.S. Best.. Wrestlemania.. Ever.

#10. A.J. Styles Vs. Christopher Daniels Vs. Samoa Joe (938pts / 32 votes – two #1 votes)
TNA Unbreakable (September 11th, 2005)

Everyone expected a great match. Unfortunately there was no way to live up the the high expectations. I mean a 3-way match can't be a perfect match since there always has to be action and still keep the 3rd man in the match. Samoa Joe was on an incredible rampage and was undefeated since joining TNA. Christopher "Fallen Angel" Daniels has held the X-Division title for nearly half-a-year and was as obsesed with keeping it as Gollum to the ring and Floyd to his collectible Star Wars glasses. Styles is "Mr. TNA", but has suffered a loss to Samoa Joe previously. And then there was the fact that the Spike TV executives decided to attend the PPV, to see if the product was worthy of risking their money and precious air time on. There was no way it could live up to the high expectations. Yet for nearly 30 incredible minutes, all 3 men showcased what they and TNA wrestling was all about. Stiff kicks, jaw dropping aerial tactics and moves that you wouldn't expect to ever see from these guys. Ex: A Samoa Joe plancha? A.J. Styles with a torture rack on Joe? A Daniels Death Valley Driver..... on Joe!?! High expectations? I don't think anyone left the arena disappointed that night. I actually think this is a slightly better match than the Wrestlemania 3-way, which is universal known as the best one ever.

#9. Shawn Michaels Vs. The Undertaker (Hell in the Cell) (953pts / 31 votes – two #1 votes)
WWF Bad Blood (October 5th, 1997)

This match is a bit undershadowed because of the 98 Hell-in-the-Cell, but if that match had never happened, people would still be talking about what insane and crazy bumps took place in this one. After Shawn finally “found his smile”, he came back and agreed to referee the Undertaker Vs. Bret Hart title match at Summerslam 97. At the end of the match HBK went to hit his rival Bret, but Bret ducked and he hit taker instead!! DOH!! Shawn had no choice but to make the count and Taker lost the World title. HBK screwed Undertaker? Instead of apologizing, HBK gloated and even got more chairshots in on Taker. He kept running so a lumberjack match was set up, but HBK got out of that one. So now a new match was devised just for this feud…. The Hell-in-the-Cell, a huge steel cage with a roof on the top ensuring no escape possible. Now Shawn’s gotta put up or shut up. One of the WORST ass-kicking ever… And maybe the greatest cage match ever.

#8. Shawn Michaels Vs. Razor Ramon (Ladder match) (957pts / 35 votes)
WWF Wrestlemania 10 (March 20th, 1994)

You gotta keep something in mind here. Back then the very few ladder matches only used the ladder to climb up and grab the belts/money /whatever for the win. Sometimes the ladder came into play, but only for the final spot or to knock someone off. No one actually thought that the ladder could be used as a weapon…. For the whole match!!?!!!?! It was this clever thinking that made this the Wrestling Observer’s MOTY for 1994. Not only that, but it introduced the concept of constant highspots/bumps, making the fans ohhh and ahhh for every move until the big finish. Both men took jaw dropping bumps and made superstars of themselves overnight. Ramon was good, but it was HBK who really shined on and went from awesome mid-carder to a very possible future World Champion.

#7. Bret Hart Vs. Owen Hart (959pts / 34 votes – one #1 vote)
WWF Wrestlemania 10 (March 20th, 1994)

For the past few months Owen had been blaming his older brother Bret for their tag losses. Finally after one such loss he snapped and like the Karate Kid “swept the leg!” Bret didn’t want to fight his brother but finally he agreed, to put an end of this once and for all. For a match no one really cared about, this turned out to be maybe the greatest opening match in history! It was like nothing the WWF had ever seen before. Two wrestlers…… wrestling!!?! With counters, reversals, straight-up mat wrestling, submission wrestling and false finishes. Plus maybe the biggest upset of all time! Brother Vs. Brother, sounds Shakespeare. Wonder if he would’ve made a good booker?

#6. TLC II (976pts / 41 votes – two #1 votes)
WWF Wrestlemania 17 (April 1st, 2001)

I was lucky enough to see this live and I'm not joking when I say I was actually glad when it was over and all the guys were limping away, cause I thought someone might've actually DIED in front of me that night. They basically did all the big spots in the first TLC but added better variations and twists. First team to retrieve the tag belts hanging above with a ladder wins. Can the chairmen of the board Edge & Christian do it again? Or is the Dudley's table manners too much? Or have the Hardyz finally climbed the ladder to success? Don't look for a Dory Funk Jr/Jack Briso 60:00 classic here, but look for a mega-exciting way to spend 20 minutes with incresingly dangerous highspots coming seconds apart.

#5. Diamond Dallas Page & Jay "The Shooter" Leno Vs. Hulk Hogan & Eric "The dumbass" Bishoff (997pts / 31 votes – ten #1 votes)
WCW Road Wild (August 8th, 1998)

When preparing for this match Jay Leno consulted and was trained by some of the greatest cripplers on the planet; Chuck Norris, El Gigante and King Mabel. The training was intense as he made Dean Malenko tap out in 24 sec, made Vader wet himself and run in fear after a brutally stiff contest, made Cactus Jack eat dirt and sent Jushin "Thunder" Liger to the hospital after an outside 1440 degree moonsault on the concrete. He also hurt Kevin Nash's feelings. Terry Funk admitted that Jay Leno was "too crazy" to compete in the match, then Funk lite himself on fire and jumped through a plate glass window. Leno finalized his sure-win by having half of his body replaced by Cyborg parts made by liquid metal. He also learned how to talk and control fish. Why? Ummm.. I dunno...

Eric Bishoff also took the fight seriously as he traveled to the Monk Monetary in the Himalayas, learning the ancient Shaolin craft and completing the dreaded 36 Chambers. After burning down the monetary and climbing down the Himalayas by doing neck bridges, he went to Thailand and added more to his already God-like Ninja skills by competing in underground kickboxing pit-fights. After crippling a popular fighter (David Arquette), then kicking half of the crowd's ass he went to Europe and became a were-vampire after being bitten in Romania.

So now the contestants are ready. Although Hogan lobbied for a 40:00 min match (P.S. THAT's NOT a joke...), everyone knew that it couldn't go more than 15 min with such red-hot action involved. The 10,000 fans who got in free were on the edge of their seats for the match, no doubt because they were all drunk bikers and were vomiting under their seats. No one knows the outcome of the match because when Leno hits a shooting-chin-press to Hogan, the entire Earth imploded.

Whoops I messed up! Sorry! :cry: :cry: :cry:
My bad! I got my lists mixed up. That wasn't the real #5.
That' was #5 on the "Hogan's dumbass ideas" Top 100.
#4 For years actually having the balls to claim he put Billy Kidman even though kidman got only one win and it was a fluke
#3 Thinking acting might be fun
#2 Hogan/Warrior II
#1 Forgetting steriods causes hair-loss

Here's the REAL #5:


#5. Randy “Macho Man” Savage Vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat (1002pts / 31 votes – two #1 votes)
WWF Wrestlemania 3 (March 29th, 1987)

In the NWA and Mid-Atlantic promotions Ricky Steamboat was touted as being a future World Champion with his skills, selling and intensity. He went to the WWF in 85 and mirred in the mid-card. Finally he got a chance at the Intercontinental title against the red-hot Randy Savage which ended tragically when Savage put Steamboat throat first on the steel railing and hit a double axe handle from the top rope onto him!!! Back then Savage’s outside double axe handle was so dangerous it was talked about being banned from the sport, so when this happened you might as well have brought the coffin out and scheduled the funeral. But months later and raspy Ricky Steamboat tore off his neck caste on called out Savage for a revenge match at Wrestlemania!

The match was nothing the WWF had seen before with some super fast wrestling sequences and dramatic nearfalls. It was proof that you didn’t need all gimmicks and 15min headlocks to get the crowd interested in a match. Savage even took the crazy HBK/Terry Funk-like backdrop bump to the outside. The crowd was firmly behind Steamboat but Savage showed why he was champ for nearly 18 months. Jesse Ventura said it best when he blurted out in the middle of the match, like a mark, that “This is the greatest match I’ve ever seen”. Andre/Hogan sold the show, but Steamboat/Savage stole the show. Wrestling Observer’s MOTY for 1987

#4. Bret Hart Vs. Shawn Michaels (Iron Man match) (1146pts / 38 votes – two #1 votes)
WWF Wrestlemania 12 (March 31st, 1996)

The two best wrestlers, and two biggest fan favorites, in the WWF finally meet at Wrestlemania. But it’s not just a regular match. Nope, it’s a 60:00 min Iron-man match, maybe the most grueling match you can have. The man with the most number of falls (wins) within the hour is the WWF World Champion. HBK’s got the aerial move and risky highspots. Bret’s got the ground game and the Stu Hart trained submission skills. Which wrestler gets to claim to be THE best in the WWF?

#3. Chris Benoit Vs. Shawn Michaels Vs. HHH (1269pts / 43 votes)
WWF Wrestlemania 20 (March 14th, 2004)

Ok I know those pictures may be a slightspoiler… But it’s the best pictures I could find. After winning the Royal Rumble, despite drawing #1, Chris Benoit finally gets his chance at the World title at Wrestlemania. But Shawn Michaels isn't through with HHH yet, so he got his name on the contract too, making the main event a 3-way match. Can HHH keep his treasured World title, The Game is acting like Gollum trying to keep his "precious". Can Benoit fullfill his dream of winning the World title at Wrestlemania? Or will the showstopah HBK steal the show and the title one last time? Shawn bleeds a 10.1 Mutoh for his art. The past (HBK) meets the present (HHH) meets the future (Benoit) in one of the greatest Wrestlemania main events of all-time!

#2. Shawn Michaels Vs. Kurt Angle (1441pts / 46 votes – six #1 votes)
WWF Wrestlemania 21 (April 3rd, 2005)

This match won PWT's Match of the Half-Year back in July, and then won the best Match ever from 2000-2005!! But Best ever?…………………………. Almost!

Kurt Angle may be the best wrestler on the Smackdown brand. Shawn Michaels may be the best wrestler in the RAW brand. Now they finally have their long awaited inter-promotional dream match at Wrestlemania. Both men are representing their locker rooms as well as their own reputations. Both men have won every title in the WWF, so it's only their pride on the line. Kurt Angle seems to have the edge, but HBK is always full of tricks, especially at Wrestlemania where he shines like no other. Is Angle's submission and mat work too much for HBK? Or does Shawn's never-say-die attitute and willingness to take risks give him the victory? Who will win?

#1. Bret Hart Vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (1469pts / 45 votes – six #1 votes)
WWF Wrestlemania 13 (March 23rd, 1997)

These guys meet at Survivor Series 1996 where Hart barely escaped in a great technical match. Who knew Steve Austin could actually wrestle? Austin lost. And he remembered it. A few months later at the Royal Rumble Austin made a huge name for himself, lasting nearly the entire match to win. Bret Hart had eliminated Austin legally but the refs didn’t see it. Austin came back in and eliminated Bret to win the Rumble!! Austin got revenge. And Bret remembered it. Now after further months of feuding at a standstill, both men have decided the end-all to any feud, an I-Quit/submission match. Bret has the advantage with his submission skills, but no one could imagine Austin would ever quit. Who would win?

The match started with Bret coming out to cheers while the hated Austin was booed. They started brawling throughout the crowd, something that hadn’t been seen in the WWF before. Back in the ring and they traded submission work. In both styles they were even so they just went off and tried whatever they can do to get the submission. I’m not going to tell you the winer, but you should know it by now. If you don’t…. FOR GAWD’S SAKE’S WATCH THE MATCH!!! Austin became a star in this match. Wrestling Observer’s MOTY for 1997.


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