Monday, January 8, 2007

According to, the preliminary indication is that HHH tore his right quadriceps while executing a spinebuster in the DX vs. Team Rated RKO match at tonight's New Year's Revolution PPV in Kansas City.

It is ironic that today is five years ago to the day of his televised return from a similar injury he had suffered on May 21, 2001, in San Jose.

He will be flown to Birmingham for an appointment tomorrow with Dr. James Andrews. - The Wrestling Observer.

Well now. Looks like it's his other leg this time. I guess his deal with the devil wasn't renewed. This certainly puts the DX Vs. Rated RKO feud on it's last legs.. Nyuk. Nyuk. Nyuk

Michaels, meanwhile, has shown signs of being very worn down by the schedule and in need of time off himself, increasingly so over the last year. The Triple H injury puts more pressure on him to work through his fatigue and nagging injuries (including continuing issues with his lower back, which forced his retirement at one point) at least through fall. - PWTtorch

Wait... what? Jezz. After all he's done for you, give him time off too. Have him leave at WM, build up Rated RKO througout the year, then bring both guys in at the same time for a revenge comeback feud. Why you wanna work people to death Vince? (*cough* Kurt Angle *cough*)

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